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Our regular monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at Quedgeley Village Hall, Bristol Road, Quedgeley, Gloucester.

After our monthly meetings we submit a report for publication in the next issue of Quedgeley News. One of our members, Christine Bentley, is our News Reporter. To give you a flavour of our meetings we have included copies of some of this year's reports.

November 2017

by Quedgeley WI - November 14th, 2017

November means it’s time for our Annual General Meeting and this year it made a change to have a speaker as well as hearing the usual business.  Unfortunately our original speaker was unable to attend so we heard from Peter and Margaret Preece with Every Picture Tells a Story, a slide show of wildlife photographs taken by Peter and his wife.   He worked as a graphic designer for over 30 years and took up wildlife photography after he retired. Living in the Worcestershire countryside he has plenty of opportunity to see and photograph a wide variety of birds, insects and mammals.  Peter enters various wildlife photography competitions and has won several prizes for his stunning photographs, many of which have been turned into calendars, cards and notebooks.


Peter showed a variety of slides and explained how he attracts the wildlife to various perches using an ingenious device to be sure of getting the best pictures, especially of kingfishers.  We saw beautiful pictures of birds, voles, seals, snakes, hares and even rats as well as many butterflies and insects (but not spiders) that Peter and his wife photograph in the UK and on their many trips to Northern Spain.   Peter gives his talks all over the country and we were very lucky to see his stunning pictures of British and European wildlife.


After a break for wine and nibbles it was on to the usual business and the AGM.  Our fundraising Afternoon Tea had been very well attended by WI members as well as local people and had raised some money for our funds.  The last meeting of the year is an American Supper social evening with food and mulled wine followed by carols. We heard a report on all the talks we had listened to over the year which certainly helped us to realise just how interesting and entertaining it is to be a member of Quedgeley WI.   A list of next year’s talks will be published soon to tempt anyone who would like to come along to one of our meetings as a visitor or new member.   We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall and further information can be found on our website www.quedgeleywi.co.uk, at www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi or you can give our President Pat Watts a call on Gloucester 502252.

October 2017

by Quedgeley WI - October 28th, 2017

Our October meeting began as usual with the singing of Jerusalem and the official business when we heard details of our fundraising Afternoon Tea which will be held at Quedgeley Village Hall on Saturday 4th November from 2-4.   As well as tea or coffee with a cake for £2 there will be stalls that include bric-a-brac, books, cakes, a Christmas themed stall and a raffle.  It is hoped that many people will come and enjoy a pleasant afternoon in friendly surroundings. Unfortunately the planned Fashion Show has been postponed until the New Year but we are looking forward to our Christmas meal in early December.


Our speaker this month was Philip Wilkinson with his talk entitled High Street Histories.   He has written many books on architecture and buildings as well as other subjects for both adults and children.  His book What the Romans Did for Us accompanied a BBC programme as did Turn Back Time: The High Street.  He illustrated his talk with pictures of shop fronts dating back to the 17th century and earlier. From a simple covered stall through to shuttered then glass-fronted shops and covered arcades, he showed how the High Street changed in style, especially after the First World War when people wanted more modern fronted shops.   Many of these are still in use today, even though they mainly seem to be coffee shops!  We heard about the history of W.H Smith, started as  a newspaper distributor then moving on to stalls on railway station platforms and eventually to the High Street shops we see today.  A brief history of Boots brought this highly interesting talk to an end and will certainly make us more aware of the history and architecture of our local shops.


Our next meeting in November is our AGM but we will also be having a speaker with another history theme when Malcolm Sadler asks Family Trees, do we need them?  If anyone would like to come to a meeting, either as a visitor or new member they will be made very welcome.  We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall and further details can be found on our website www.quedgeleywi.co.uk  on www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi or by contacting our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252.

September 2017

by Quedgeley WI - September 16th, 2017

With our annual August outing to Fromebridge Mill where we had a delicious meal it was back to normal in September.   It was agreed that the Group Meeting with the cruise ship theme was impressive and had been thoroughly enjoyed,  Unfortunately in the second round of the GFWI Quiz our team hadn’t done too well and missed a place by just a few points. After the usual business we watched a film by the Gloucester Film Makers showing scenes of Gloucestershire life from the 1930s to the 1980s that included the 1947 floods when milk was delivered by boat rather than by horse, a visit by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and a film taken at the cattle market which is now where the bus station stands.   We were reminded of a time when the main streets were crowded with cars, lorries and buses, colourful entries in the Gloucester Carnival, the dangerous cheese rolling and Frampton sausage and elver eating contests!  It was a wonderful reminder of what life was like in Gloucester for a lot of our members.  The history theme carries on in October when our speaker will be telling us about High Street Histories which we hope will be just as interesting and enjoyable and the competition is “a Royal Souvenir”.


Visitors and new members will be made very welcome at our meetings that are held at 7.30pm on the

second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall. Further details can be found on our

website www.quedgeleywi.co.uk  on www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi  or by contacting our President

Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252.

July 2017

by Quedgeley WI - July 30th, 2017

There was a full Village Hall for our July meeting and after a rousing rendition of Jerusalem when even the speaker joined in, we got down to the business. The recent skittles evening to raise funds for a young local child who sadly passed away was a great success and raised £155 which will be donated to the hospice. The trip to Weston-Super-Mare was enjoyed in spite of some rain. The fashion show will be in October or November and arrangements with Sainsburys are ongoing and as models will be required some of our members will be perfecting their catwalk moves. With the Group Meeting and another round of the WI Quiz at the end of July it has certainly been a busy month.

Our speaker was Chris O’Grady with his talk A Walk to Rome. Yes, he really did walk from Pershore to Rome in four months, that’s 1200 miles and taking only four pairs of underpants and one pair of boots! Apart from in the UK he relied on the hospitality of the locals to give him a bed and a meal. It was surprising how complete strangers would open their homes to him and he showed slides of all the interesting people he’d met and places he had stayed. When he got to Rome he managed to have an audience with the Pope which he had arranged before he left the UK. This pilgrimage shows how kind and very trusting the local people are to strangers passing through European countries and we can only hope that people in the UK would be just as kind and trusting. There is no meeting in August as it is our outing when we will be having a meal at the Fromebridge Mill but it’s back to normal in September when the Gloucester Film Makers will be showing Gloucester in the 50s, 60s and 70s which is sure to bring back memories and in October we will be hearing a talk on High Street Histories. If anyone would like to come as a visitor or new member they will be made very welcome. Further details can be found on our website www.quedgeleywi.co.uk on www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi or by contacting our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252.

June 2017

by Quedgeley WI - June 20th, 2017

It was a warm evening for our June meeting and after the usual singing of Jerusalem and the reading of the minutes we were reminded about a fund raising fashion show planned for October and the Carol Concert in December.  We have other things to look forward to before the weather starts to get colder as there is a coach trip to Weston Super Mare at the end of June as well as our August outing to Fromebridge Mill where we will enjoy a meal.  Of course there is July in between when the speaker Chris O’Grady will be telling us about A Walk to Rome which sounds intriguing. At this meeting there will be a competition when members submit a photograph and ask the question “Where do you think I am?

Our speaker for the June meeting was Sandra Ashford who had brought along what she called “Objects of Interest”.  Twenty various items were passed around and we had to try and identify them.  Some were very easy and brought back memories for some members but others were more tricky and finally hearing what they were and what they were used for was very informative.   Sandra had worked as a reporter, museum education officer and history teacher which all helped to give a very entertaining talk.

Quedgeley WI meets on the second Wednesday of every month (except August) and always welcomes visitors and new members.  Find us on www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi or contact our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252.

May 2017

by Quedgeley WI - May 19th, 2017

May meetings at a WI means Resolutions.  Every year WI members have the chance to put forward issues as resolutions that they want to see the WI’s National body campaign on.  This year the subjects where Alleviating Loneliness and the Plastic Soup that contaminates our oceans.  Before members voted on the Resolutions we heard about our WI coming 3rd in the first round of the GFWI Quiz which means that they will be going onto the next round at the end of July.  Let’s hope the questions are a little easier this time!   The proposed skittle match to raise funds for a local child is still going ahead in spite of the little girl sadly passing away but the proceeds will be given to the hospice who looked after her at the end of her very short life. On a happier note, some members are looking forward to a coach trip to Weston Super Mare at the end of June when we hope the weather will be kind as well as the Group Meeting at the end of July with a theme of cruising with entertainment from a cruise ship singer.

After voting on the Resolutions we had a break for a few snacks and drinks and then heard  from  Debbie Gills, one of our own members who works for the Alzheimer’s Society with a talk on the subject of Dementia Friends. She started by asking us the first thing that comes into our heads when we hear the word dementia and unfortunately, but typically, they were all negative words but she explained that dementia can be positive as well.  It is not a natural part of ageing and it is possible to live well with dementia.  There are over one hundred different types  which is caused by diseases of the brain.  It’s not just about losing your memory, it can affect your thinking, communicating and doing everyday tasks and she explained  about how we can help someone with dementia such as keeping sentences simple and talking more slowly and above all being more understanding. Many of us who have experienced dementia in the family will now know that there is an organisation like Dementia Friends that aims to transform the way people see someone with dementia and tackles the stigma and lack of understanding on this common subject.  Several people signed up to be a Dementia Friend and hopefully will have gained a better insight into dementia in all its forms.

At the meeting in June we will be hearing from Sandra Ashford with her talk on “Objects of Interest” which should be “interesting”.  If anyone would like to come along, either as a visitor or new member they will be made very welcome.  We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall so please either contact our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252, visit our website at www.quedgeleywi.co.uk or find us on www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi

April 2017

by Quedgeley WI - April 15th, 2017

After our usual singing of Jerusalem we heard about a walk shortly taking place at Dumbleton, a report on the Annual County Meeting, our need to read about the two Resolutions that we will be voting on in May and the possibility of another fund raising fashion show in the Autumn. Our speaker for the evening was Yvonne Cox who has many years experience in animal rescue. As well as gaining a Diploma in Animal Management she worked for some time at Secret World in Somerset where her work involved cleaning out pens, weighing and feeding various animals and other more unpleasant tasks like examining their droppings! Finally she set up Hedgehog Rescue which aims to relieve suffering and to treat and release hedgehogs back into the wild. The hedgehog population has been in decline for years and has gone from over 30 million to around 1 million today. We heard about the ways we can encourage and help hedgehogs in our garden that included providing ramps in garden ponds, quiet places to site a hedgehog house and what sort of food we can put out for them. Very importantly today’s advice doesn’t include bread and milk. We were shown many of the things that can cause harm to hedgehogs like football nets, garden netting, elastic bands, ring pulls, snack packets and garden tools and strimmers. As if that’s not bad enough the animals that can harm them are weasels, polecats, owls, foxes, badgers and dogs. Finally Yvonne showed us one of her rescued hedgehogs that had been sleeping in a pet carrier throughout the talk. We must all try our best to help and protect this rapidly declining animal. At our meeting in May we will be voting on two Resolutions, one on alleviating loneliness and the other on plastic soup, those tiny little plastic beads found in many things that end up in the oceans. The vote will then be followed by some refreshments. If anyone would like to come along to a meeting, either as a visitor or new member they will be made very welcome. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall and further details can be found on our website www.quedgeleywi.co.uk, www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi or contact our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252.

March 2017

by Quedgeley WI - March 12th, 2017

It was back to normal for our March meeting but with memories of the delicious food at our February Birthday Supper still on our minds.   The meeting began with the singing of Jerusalem followed by the usual business that included details of a possible trip to Weston in June, walks, fashion shows and the GFWI Quiz.  We were introduced to our speaker John Dixon who is President of the Tewkesbury Historical Society and retired teacher from Oxstalls School, which obviously accounted for the clear and excellent way he kept us all interested in his talk entitled How did you obtain your first pair of nylons?   This wasn’t, as some may have thought, a talk on underwear but referred to how nylons were given to women by the American soldiers who were stationed at the very important base at Ashchurch near Tewkesbury during WW2.  Nylons were only a fraction of the subjects that were covered in John’s Powerpoint presentation.  He told stories of local Tewkesbury people in both the First and Second World Wars, where they worked, how they lived, the munitions factories in Quedgeley and the prisoners of war who were in the area.   Spam, dances, GI brides, all brought back memories for many of the members and some told their own stories, although they would have been very young at the time.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening and one that comes highly recommended.


In April we will be hearing from Yvonne Cox from Hedgehog Rescue which will surely be as well received as our March meeting.  If anyone would like to come along to this or any other meeting, either as a visitor or new member they will be made very welcome. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall. For further information please visit www.quedgeleywi.co.uk www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi or contact our President Pat Watt on Gloucester 502252.

February 2017 Report

by Quedgeley WI - February 14th, 2017

009008006February at Quedgeley WI means it’s our Birthday Supper – our 92nd to be exact.  A suggestion had been made that perhaps for this meeting we could wear our smartest clothes that were originally worn for a wedding or special event and everyone who did so looked extremely smart.  We welcomed two new members and two birthday bouquets were given to two other members.   The winners of the competitions were presented with their prizes and and shortly afterwards we sat down to enjoy a selection of hot pots and crusty bread.  The highlight of our Suppers is always the delicious desserts and we weren’t disappointed with the variety on offer.  A request had been made for scarves, jewellery and handbags for the barter stall and like the desserts, there was a lot on offer.  Once again, February meant a very enjoyable and “fulfilling” meeting.


It’s back to normal in March when we will be hearing John Dixon ask, “How did you obtain your first pair of nylons?”   If anyone would like to come to this meeting, either as a visitor or new member they will be made very welcome.  Please contact our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252, visit our website www.quedgeleywi.co.uk or find us on facebook at www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi.


January 2017 Report

by Quedgeley WI - January 23rd, 2017
The first meeting of the year and already we have had to substitute our first speaker!  Mike Fenton and his talk Autoharp and Dulcimer Delights replaced the original speaker so a truly musical evening was guaranteed.  An autoharp is a stringed instrument that looks similar to a zither and a dulcimer looks a bit like a thin violin and both are expertly played by Mike Fenton who has entered and won competitions in the United States and has also held classes in the UK.  It certainly makes a change from someone tinkling on the piano and gives an idea that there are some unusual and entertaining instruments if anyone feels like taking up a musical hobby.
January is the month when our annual subscriptions are due and our coffee mornings at the local Orchard Coffee Shop start again on Wednesday 18th.   This is when we can have a good natter and support our local business at the same time.  In February we will be enjoying our Birthday Supper when we celebrate the 92nd year of our WI and as always the food and especially the puddings will be well received!   Back to normal in March when we hope to hear the intriguing question “How did you obtain your first pair of nylons?”
If anyone feels like joining our WI or coming along as a visitor they will be made very welcome.  We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall so please either contact our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252, visit our website on www.quedgeleywi.co.uk or find us on www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi