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September 2021

by Quedgeley WI - September 22nd, 2021.
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It was a warm evening for our September meeting, possibly the last before the forecasted torrential rain and cooler weather. After the singing of Jerusalem, something that had not been sung for many months, we heard that those who had attended the August meeting had enjoyed the wine, nibbles and quiz. We welcomed six visitors and hope that they will decide to join our WI as there are several events to look forward to in the coming months and into next year including skittles and a quiz, the Christmas concert and a tour of the Javelin Park Incinerator. The fundraising car parking that would have taken place at Rikenel in August has now been booked for Saturday 6th of August 2022.

The speaker for the evening was David Croom from the RSPB with his talk with slides on Garden Birds, although one of the first pictures was of a Hoopoo, a bird usually seen in Europe but a few fly into the UK every year. Gardens have a big impact on birds and insects and an RSPB Garden Survey is done every January that helps see the differences in numbers over the years. The slides were of just about every bird that most people may have seen in their gardens and included the house sparrow, although their numbers are declining and the wood pigeon whose numbers don’t seem to be declining judging by the groans when they were mentioned. Finches, doves, tits, wrens, robins and woodpeckers were all shown with a little bit of information about each one. Male wrens build several nests to show a female who chooses one and he then moves on to other females to occupy other nests which makes him a very busy bird. Wrens will use nest boxes for roosting and we were told about one box that had sixty-six crammed inside. While it is very good to feed birds we were warned not to use the plastic nets that peanuts sometimes come in as some birds like the woodpecker can get caught in them. All birds will feed on sunflower hearts whereas seed with a lot of wheat attracts birds like pigeons. The talk was very enjoyable and and we are all a lot more informed about the birds in our garden.

The speaker for the October meeting will be Mrs Kate Peake with her talk entitled Dressing the Victorian Lady and she will be in costume and will bring other outfits with her.

If anyone is interested in visiting or joining our WI they will be made very welcome. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall.

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