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October 2021

by Quedgeley WI - October 28th, 2021.
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Our October meeting was well attended with members and several new visitors. After singing Jerusalem we went through some of the business. The November meeting is our AGM with the usual drinks and nibbles and while most of the committee are happy to stay for another year we were asked if anyone also wanted to join the committee which meets on the first Wednesday of every month. The popular Coffee Mornings are restarting at The Roastery on the third Wednesday of every month. Several members were interested in starting a Book Club which could be on a week day about once a month and interest was also shown in a Luncheon Club.

It’s Tim Poole Cup competition time when members are invited to enter an eye-catching poster to encourage new members to the WI with more details in the October Newsletter. There will be a busy time ahead as we have the Christmas Concert in December, a shopping trip to Bath, the Christmas Meal and also a visit to the Javelin Park Incinerator which is planned for next year.

Our speakers for the evening were Kate Peake, a keen amateur film maker and her mother Angela Rendell, an accomplished photographer, with one of their talks on Dressing the Victorian Lady accompanied by some beautiful photographs of costumes taken in historical settings by Angela. We heard about the history of the clothes worn by Queen Victoria, whose style was dictated by her husband Albert but he preferred more subtle colours rather than the gaudy ones Victoria loved. Young girls were taught to sew from the age of five and women of the rising middle classes were expected to dress in a certain way to show an elevated status. As early as 1842 women were expected to own a sewing machine to make their own dresses. Crinolines were worn to make their waists look smaller but before that they wore fifteen petticoats! A bustle (a padded undergarment to add fullness at the back) followed crinolines but Queen Victoria hated them!

We enjoyed a layer by layer demonstration of a Victorian outfit, from the backless bloomers outwards. Kate put each item of clothing on and a description of what it was and why it was used was given. After the bloomers came a shift followed by a tight corset and as if that wasn’t enough then came a chest enhancer. To add even more curves a bottom pad was tied at the back followed by a wire frame. The last layers consisted of a petticoat, skirt and an external skirt with even more extra frills, until we saw the complete outfit, an elegant seaside dress that would have been worn around 1880. A photograph of this dress can be seen on Angela’s facebook page along with many others.

Thankfully fashions changed after World War One when womens’ clothes were more comfortable and far easier to put on, much to their relief no doubt. The atmospheric photographs certainly helped to bring the costumes to life and made this an informative and interesting talk that was thoroughly enjoyed and is highly recommended.

Our December meeting will be an American Supper and the speaker will be Dr Nicholas Henderson with his talk on the Power Behind the Tudors which will have a Christmas theme. We have heard Dr Henderson twice before with his amusing talks on Henry VIII and some of his wives so this will be another enjoyable and informative evening to look forward to.

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm at Quedgeley Village Hall and always welcome visitors and new members.

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