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April 2017

by Quedgeley WI - April 15th, 2017.
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After our usual singing of Jerusalem we heard about a walk shortly taking place at Dumbleton, a report on the Annual County Meeting, our need to read about the two Resolutions that we will be voting on in May and the possibility of another fund raising fashion show in the Autumn. Our speaker for the evening was Yvonne Cox who has many years experience in animal rescue. As well as gaining a Diploma in Animal Management she worked for some time at Secret World in Somerset where her work involved cleaning out pens, weighing and feeding various animals and other more unpleasant tasks like examining their droppings! Finally she set up Hedgehog Rescue which aims to relieve suffering and to treat and release hedgehogs back into the wild. The hedgehog population has been in decline for years and has gone from over 30 million to around 1 million today. We heard about the ways we can encourage and help hedgehogs in our garden that included providing ramps in garden ponds, quiet places to site a hedgehog house and what sort of food we can put out for them. Very importantly today’s advice doesn’t include bread and milk. We were shown many of the things that can cause harm to hedgehogs like football nets, garden netting, elastic bands, ring pulls, snack packets and garden tools and strimmers. As if that’s not bad enough the animals that can harm them are weasels, polecats, owls, foxes, badgers and dogs. Finally Yvonne showed us one of her rescued hedgehogs that had been sleeping in a pet carrier throughout the talk. We must all try our best to help and protect this rapidly declining animal. At our meeting in May we will be voting on two Resolutions, one on alleviating loneliness and the other on plastic soup, those tiny little plastic beads found in many things that end up in the oceans. The vote will then be followed by some refreshments. If anyone would like to come along to a meeting, either as a visitor or new member they will be made very welcome. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month at Quedgeley Village Hall and further details can be found on our website www.quedgeleywi.co.uk, www.facebook.com/quedgeleywi or contact our President Pat Watts on Gloucester 502252.

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